Our Vision

The vision of Kid’s Bible Clubs is to bring glory to God through fruitful outreach ministries to un-churched children by the united efforts of God’s redeemed people.

Our Mission

Believing we have eternal hope through Jesus Christ, the mission of Kid’s Bible Clubs Ministries is to seek out lost children who do not attend church or live in Christian homes and provide them with a Christ-filled spiritual foundation where they can hear the gospel, come to Jesus and grow in Him.

Our Approach

We reach out to kids who do not go to church to provide opportunities for a starting point, exposing them to the Bible and things of God so they can come to know Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. We take buses and vans to mobile home parks, apartment complexes and other low income areas in our community and transport kids to our weekly Bible study program & dinner. Each student is given a personal Bible and we offer baptism to those who become believers. We raise funds for the kids to attend Christian summer camp and provide transportation to and from. The Lord has also honored us to be able to transport them to Vacation Bible School and other events in the community that point them to Jesus Christ.

Our Volunteers

The Kid’s Bible Clubs programs are conducted by approximately 30 lovers of Jesus from several area churches who serve wholeheartedly! Many of us have joyfully done so for 5 years or more. We drive buses and vans, teach, lead worship, conduct games, cook, administrate, provide security, clean and more! We are united together in hearing God’s call to care for the spiritual needs of children in our community who do not have opportunities to attend church or learn about Jesus’ sacrifice and unconditional love for them. Are you one of those people? Do you hear Him? If so, you need to be here!

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